Our Team

A team is on your side every step of the way We are committed to building a team that is dedicated to Justice Reform

Shirin Senegal Executive Director - Ronnie's House

Shirin Senegal, is Ronnie Senegal’s Widow, the Executive Director of Ronnie’s House and the founder of the Long Beach Re-entry Collaborative.

Shirin has been a tech and marketing  entrepreneur for over 20 years, a published author and a talk show host.

In 2019, shirin opened the first business Accelerator in the Long Beach, CA to support minority and women owned businesses.  The Business Accelerator was in collaboration with the City of Long Beach, Cal State Long Beach Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, supported by Living Cities foundation and Citi Bank Foundation.

Shirin is also a stanch advocate for Cannabis Equity in the City of Long Beach. She has advocated  has since 2017 pushing forward policy forward since 2017., to ensure that those who have been effected by the War on Drugs are included in the Economic Benefits of the Cannabis Industry.

Pastor Wood President Thrive Redevelopment Corporation

A Justice Reform Advocate; Pastor Wood works with state legislators to help facilitate the release of individuals who have served many years.

He and his wife Paula Wood are the founders of the Freedom School as a part of the initiative with the Children’s Defense Fund.

Wade Martin PHD Entrepreneurship Support

Dr. Wade Martin is a professor of Economics at Cal State Long Beach. He is also the director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Wade assists with the creation, programming and execution of entrepreneurship programs for your clients.

Steve Neal President of the Board -Ronnie's House

Steven Neal is the Past Council Member for the 9th District, in Long Beach, CA.     He is currently the Vice President of the Port of Long Beach Commission,Vice President of the Uptown Business District, and the President of the Board of Ronnie’s House.

Steve focuses on workforce development and facilitating relationships with unions and workforce agencies to help provide living wage job opportunities for our clients.

Billy Brown Violence Prevention/Youth Programs

Bill Brown went from a five year prison incarceration to earning his masters degree in Policy from Cal State Long Beach.

Josefa Salinas Vice President Board- Ronnie's House

Josefa Salinas is a 25 year radio personality that has empowered and entertained fans in Los Angeles , San Bernardo, and the Ventura County.  As the Los Angeles Library Commissioner, she has been dedicated to furthering literacy.