About Us

About Us

The Long Beach Reentry Collaborative and Justice Reform project was founded by Ronnie’s House 501c3, Success and Challenges Redevelopment Corporation, to address the High Rate of Recidivism in Long Beach, CA. and surrounding areas.

The current recidivism rate in California is over 70% part because of the lack of rehabilitation prior to release and the lack of reentry support programming; jobs and housing after release.

Upon release from prison individuals are given a debit card with a few hundred dollars with little resources and directions.  They are released with health and mental health issues and must learn the basics, we as a community take for granted.

There are 50,000 laws in the books working against individuals with a criminal record; creating more challenges for those who want to better their lives.

 In order to decrease and eventually stop the Recidivism rate we must work together to ensure that the proper tools; such as education, jobs, housing, and policies set up accordingly.

Through partnerships with the Community; Non profits; Academic Institutions and City Government; our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary tools, education and resources they need upon their prison release, to ensure their success and well being.   Our mission is to further support our clients during their incarceration to help them prepare for the outside world and to ensure policy is in place for health living conditions.

In November of 2020, we will open Thrive Community Center to provide a space for Reentry providers to work, collaborate and provide programming and Reentry coaching for our members and their families.  Our ultimate Vision is to redevelop the Thrive Community Center, into housing and support services for our clients and their families.

Our work will continue the work of Ronnie Senegal, who lost his life to gun violence in 2016. Ronnie survived many years of incarceration and an abusive foster care system, to become an author, an advocate, and a paralegal.

“I have learned that the key to my redemption is woven into my purpose;  My purpose to support my brothers and sisters who have faced years of incarceration because of the choices they have made and an in-just system. I have also learned that the system who I have paid a heavy price to has to give me a chance to do right.

Surely I (we) have paid the price by being locked up in cages, treated like slaves. Surely making money off my (our) backs as I (we) earn pennies an hour should have made up for any economic loss you may have faced.

I am all about my redemption and I make no excuses for my choices but it is time for the system that would not invest in me as a child, yet throw millions at a system that would put min a cage to also begin the redemption process” Ronnie Senegal excerpt from his Book, Three Strikes. The Fight for my Life in the LA Men’s Central Jail.

July 29, 1972 to January 12, 2016

Died of Gun Violence